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There is this already famous scene in the movie where the bride attacks the latest Audi TT with a spade. We had just one of these on the set, so we knew there could be no second takes. I screwed up my courage by first walloping the garage wall a few times with the spade, and then I approached the roadster. I swung the spade with all my might, and CRASH ― the rear window shattered nicely. I go for the windscreen ― nothing! I slam the side windows ― nothing. I hit the car body ― not a dent. I stood there, quite helpless. However, that same evening my wrists hurt so bad that I had to be taken to an emergency ward. The doctor asked me what I had been doing with my hands, and you should see his jaw sag when I told him: “I was wrecking an Audi TT with a spade!”
Tamara Arciuch

Wojtek, our director, fell in love with a field of oats growing just outside the village we were shooting in. He decided to use it in the night scene where the bride runs off after quarreling with her father. We were filming at night, and had to postpone the shoot till the next night when dawn broke. When we came back the next day, the field was empty, harvested bare.
Marian Dziędziel

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I don’t recall much from the set of The Wedding. Actually, I don’t remember anything ― I spent the entire shoot asleep in my caravan. When the others were having hilarious fun ― especially as part of the VTS, or Vitriolic Tongues Society, that appeared spontaneously on the set, I was slumbering sweetly. I do recall one situation, though. Someone must have chased me out of my bed that one time. I see female members of the VTS sitting at a table beneath a huge umbrella, in the company of Marcin Świetlicki and Tymon Tymański. They all started talking about “the things you refuse as a professional in these times of ours”. Someone told about how he or she refused a part in a soap opera. Marcin Świetlicki upped the ante by describing how he refused a scholarship in the US. Then
Tymon went ahead by saying he refused to be in the jury of The Idol. Krysia Rutkowska, sitting there quietly, suddenly declares in a perfectly offhand manner that she too has been doing a lot refusing lately: “I keep refusing to go to bed without first saying a prayer”. This bombshell knocked everybody off their chairs. Myself included.
Arkadiusz Jakubik

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I’ve never worn such elaborate make-up in my career, ever. The character I’m playing shows up at the wedding party and doesn’t want to be recognized, so we had to really try hard to somehow obliterate this well-know Stuhr face. On top of that, I spend half the film walking about with spectacular wounds on my body, which the screenwriters often inflict upon me to elicit commiseration from cinemagoers. So there I am, disguised and massacred, pottering about the set of The Wedding. Tymon Tymański, with whom I’ve been hanging out and playing the guitar a lot in the past, comes up and gives me a real shock. He says: “Hey buddy, if you feel like strumming my guitar, you should first ask nicely and I would give it to you. You can’t just stroll over and pick it up, just like that!” I was really taken aback. Just half an hour earlier he had no objections to my using his instrument. Well, come to think of it ― he was right. It was only later that evening when he asked me what this Maciek Stuhr fellow looks like in a wig, that I realized he had taken me for someone else ― some bloke trying to wreck the guitar he was trying to make a living with. That’s when I really came to appreciate what the make-up people were doing for us.
Maciek Stuhr

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